Jul 8, 2007

Trying to figure things out!

I am new here and am trying to use Google and AdSense and I designed websites for about 3 years a couple yrs ago the had family problems and sold the company but was a cool job! I have been on the net a long time! I went to college (TECH) for a yr a and half for commercial art! I worked for a sign company for a half year (had to move young then and a hard break up) I just started with the Adsense and blogging but have been pleased so far just need to get it all set up and work out all the details but I will post often and sorry If I change things as I said still modifying what I want ect...

So I am real into design and the web but I was building fiberoptics for 3 years (laid off last year) and I did have a very good cleaning business (had time to take care of my kids) for 6years! Now I am at a point in my life where my boys are almost grown up (one I share bi-weekly is the youngest at 7yrs old, the oldest is 20 and on his own (my 13 yr old reminded me when I said he was 19 the other day oops lol) and I have a 17 and 13 yr old part time)
I do date on the net 6yrs now! And it has its good and bad! Definitely more on that later ;-)
Peace to all! Corrina