Oct 9, 2013

Oct 8, 2013

Life can go fast

It seems the days just fly by so darn fast. I get so distracted doing so many things it is unreal.

Oct 1, 2013

Government Shutdown

It is the day before my youngest son turns 13 and he was trying to argue with me on "how the president can have the power to shut down the government". The last time we had a shut down I never even knew. I had a one year old son and no cable back then or internet. My son is in the gifted classes and actually said he wanted to be President one day. I don't know if he still want to now because he sees how stressful it could be. I am worried about the country and think it is getting worse and it happen after the last Government shut down. I have a lot of thoughts on this but I also have a lot to deal with in life. I want to go back to living off the earth and have true freedom.