Oct 17, 2007

Too busy to date!

It is sorta sad but maybe a good thing that I stay too busy to date these days! I had to work tues and before it had to go by the doctors then after work go pay car ins then pick up my 7 yr old then get home to have mt 13 yr old call to come get him (needed ride to game) So I got him run thru Checkers then go by home then take him to the game (plays in the band..they won big time yea) then go to McDonalds with my 7 yr old (they was so slow and giving others their food first ...had to bittch lol then split the soda then ate then went to cub scouts then after picked up mu 13 yr old son then back to my home then after they bathed ect had to take the 13 yr old back home!! Good thing all 3 of my exs and sons dads live within like 5 miles now!
Tonight I have to go out but figured I have not been on (getting used to my new 2nd job or could say I have 3 jobs lol shoot life is nothing but a 24 hr job when you have kids! I only could sleep like 3 hours last night because of my doctor pissed me off (more on that later but the health department really sucks now they have changed the past few yrs) I work hard with no help from anyone and no medical so I go there but they treat you like worse than if you did get government help I think) But the one I go to has a new doctor and she is so freaking rude!
I bitchhh alot as its not easy being a single mother but Id have it no other way...well sorta lol ;-)

Sep 25, 2007

Fools Rush Love!

Why do some people meet and then spend every night together from that moment on! I always heard the correct way to date was take it slow to get to know someone (though now at my age I know that it may not matter because guys act perfect for the first couple months or even half a year or so until you live with them and their true colors come out) But I see so many people that do rush it and I wonder if some people are different on how they go into a relationship or they are just stupid lol (pardon the harshness) Or I just never met someone I loved that much...I did love one guy I met from the first site of our eyes meeting but it was a bad time for both us ect long story short but to this day I do miss that feeling! I have been so busy lately it is crazy! I guess one day I will have more time to date or I just need to make it happen somehow or maybe I am just not ready...But it has been a long time and sometimes I worry as some tell me I will be single forever lol but those who know me know I will never settle again! I stay so busy with my sons even if it is less now that they are mostly grown...I tend to let it take over my life! One day One day lol

Sep 4, 2007

It's not always easy being a single woman!

It's not always easy being single and a woman with a big heart! I usually hate to hurt a guys feeling so I tend to avoid them when I don't want to see them or deal with them! Sometimes I am afraid to date as when I left all my 3 exs that was live in I wanted out but dang it sucked big time! And I am very picky and figure it is not worth dating someone unless I am 100 percent into it and frankly because I cant relocate I feel stuck in never finding the right guy! I used to date a ton around 6 yrs ago I was like wow this is so cool ...so many great single men wow but then reality set in lol So many live so far away and could not relocate and the ones who could (sure I have got ragged for saying this before and it is a touchy thing) But someone that could easly relocate I dont think I would want them and I am by far someone that is money hungry or else I would not be struggling being single so many years and live alone and keep my pride but I have thought of that I have seen a cute guy in a fast food and was like could I date a guy that did ...lol..At my age I guess you expect the guy to have it together lol Sometimes people tell me I am crazy to not go for money only love but I just can't I can't fake feelings and then the other problem is I went not for looks but the personality (well it did change some to worry me but all and all he is just a nice guy) But I got bored and not attracted to him intimately really it was like he was a brother no offense to my ex see thats me they would dog me out in a sec especially since I will not be with them anymore well not so bad these days (they know I am too old for it or they are lol but sometimes it comes back the anger to this day thru my kids and the contact but not often now as they get older ect thank God for small favors lol) But I forgot what started this lol Oh Being single and the hard times with it and a women alone has issues a man never would like guys that I don''t see no more even my ex's still pester me or want me or if u date they go phone happy on you (the ones that don't may be phone happy too just to many women at once lol ;-) But I hate to tell someone I date that I don't like them as I hate to hurt their feelings but thats part of dating I guess! I don't know lol my ex from years ago my 17 yr olds dad said (he is much older than I am 15 yrs lol I was a 19 yr old he was mean and rowdy spoiled but athletic Jew lol) But he said I wish you would just find you someone good for you not all men are bad don't let us your ex's ruin it for you lol So but sorta funny but true! I don't ever want to fall for the wrong person again and how do you know ..it takes time and I am hard to give that time freely! Well I am cool with being single but the people that meet an fall at first site I am not ...more careful whom I date and see it saved me from a bad relationship...some people don't take the time to know the person for who they really are faults and all! I may be one old maid waiting on my perfect match to be in my neighborhood or able to relocate to be with me until I die and go to heaven (I hope lol ;-) I do believe but not a perfect angel here lol been called one but I am not perfect lol kids out of wedlock for one lol But any who I do have strong faith ect.

Good night I am off to bed and done venting lol

Aug 27, 2007


I think when your close to forty you either have a midlife crises or find peace and contentment! I have had kids and made the choices I made that brought me to where I am now in my life..some good some bad but all cherished for what it is! I believe everything happens for a reason! I did not always make the right choices but if it was not for some of them choices I would not have my wonderful sons! I value my kids more than any job lifestyle or thing this earth could ever give me!
But they do grow older and away and leave you to find other things to make yourself happy! I guess they do keep you in shape and active! With school back in though I get band, basketball and any other activity they may have to keep busy...Not enough hours in the day sometimes! I am off now to cook...We eat at 700 not the old days 530 stuff here lol the modern family lol 08/27/07

Aug 13, 2007

Single in woman Florida gets paid to share pic$

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Aug 9, 2007

My First Video Clip lol

New at this dorky I know lol but hey at least u know my pics are really me lol

Aug 8, 2007

A graphic artists dream and life!

posted 08/08/07 Updated bad pic link 11/05/13

I miss designing web sites and blogger is a great place to play around but I am reading a lot and fixing some things to make my blog the best it can be for my readers! But there is so much to do lol I have not even been on any of the dating sites in forever lol
It is a nice summer day in August but boy is it hot! I just say a commercial for The Girls Next Door the other day and it said August is the HOTTEST month (I agree weather wise and birth wise lol okay I am not sure if thats a word lol but my birthday is in August ;-) I am sorta starting to really see life different at my age!
I want to date and do actually used to a lot but then I sort slowed down to hardly ever now and not sure why cept maybe scared to or stubborn to give up my single life lol But also I can date tons of different types of guys but I sorta either get burnt out or afraid to make a bad choice again and put my self out there as well as I have known a lot of men in my life and It seems if you click with someone there are the ones who are not good boyfriend material or the ones who are I am never attracted to!

Is there such a thing as the total package?
So many things go into play with me when I choose whom to date maybe I over analyze things but darn it it is like finding a needle in a haystack! Such a dreamer lol! The artist at heart is heard to pin down at times as they do have their own little world of thoughts and passions! People say I am stupid to not go for money but I never could but I don't want someone with nothing in life either at my age! A few times I found myself connecting sexxuallly but the rest is not there or u like the person then the seexx is not there ugh lol someone said u can teach them I was like yeah right u either have it or u don't! I do have to stay in my area and that does kill me or maybe a good excuse? I do love to be single but I do miss the passion and feel of a man! Peace, have a fun week! Corrina Cay (yes my real first and middle name ;-)

Aug 5, 2007

Crazy Single Life!

Hello from a single girl in Florida!
I am 5'7" at 115 pds
Blonde hair / Blue eyes

I am sexy but not snobby in the least or perfect!
I love alt. rock classic soft hard even Christan rock!
I like rap all kinds house R&B techno trance!
I also like pop!
I love to dance but not a pro!

I have little tolerance for alcoholics anymore!
I also am very against domestic violence!

I love kids and have all boys myself!
I love God!

I love the beach and could live on an Island!
I love boating camping and nature!

I am very down to earth and have a big heart!

Aug 4, 2007

10 Turnoffs that Make Woman Wave Goodbye

"Most guys know from the get-go whether or not they see potential in a woman. There's that inner voice that tells you this is someone worth pursuing..."

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Jul 8, 2007

Trying to figure things out!

I am new here and am trying to use Google and AdSense and I designed websites for about 3 years a couple yrs ago the had family problems and sold the company but was a cool job! I have been on the net a long time! I went to college (TECH) for a yr a and half for commercial art! I worked for a sign company for a half year (had to move young then and a hard break up) I just started with the Adsense and blogging but have been pleased so far just need to get it all set up and work out all the details but I will post often and sorry If I change things as I said still modifying what I want ect...

So I am real into design and the web but I was building fiberoptics for 3 years (laid off last year) and I did have a very good cleaning business (had time to take care of my kids) for 6years! Now I am at a point in my life where my boys are almost grown up (one I share bi-weekly is the youngest at 7yrs old, the oldest is 20 and on his own (my 13 yr old reminded me when I said he was 19 the other day oops lol) and I have a 17 and 13 yr old part time)
I do date on the net 6yrs now! And it has its good and bad! Definitely more on that later ;-)
Peace to all! Corrina

Jun 28, 2007

Sexy women in sports broadcasting!

Women in the sports broadcasting? Enjoy, while we bring you the softer and, much sexier, side of sports broadcasting. These women are very hot! And U though guys only watch for the game lol Another reason for them to enjoy it! But I wonder if they deliver the same broadcast as any guy could! Women with looks and brains in sports now lol so cool! Take a look!

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