Aug 8, 2007

A graphic artists dream and life!

posted 08/08/07 Updated bad pic link 11/05/13

I miss designing web sites and blogger is a great place to play around but I am reading a lot and fixing some things to make my blog the best it can be for my readers! But there is so much to do lol I have not even been on any of the dating sites in forever lol
It is a nice summer day in August but boy is it hot! I just say a commercial for The Girls Next Door the other day and it said August is the HOTTEST month (I agree weather wise and birth wise lol okay I am not sure if thats a word lol but my birthday is in August ;-) I am sorta starting to really see life different at my age!
I want to date and do actually used to a lot but then I sort slowed down to hardly ever now and not sure why cept maybe scared to or stubborn to give up my single life lol But also I can date tons of different types of guys but I sorta either get burnt out or afraid to make a bad choice again and put my self out there as well as I have known a lot of men in my life and It seems if you click with someone there are the ones who are not good boyfriend material or the ones who are I am never attracted to!

Is there such a thing as the total package?
So many things go into play with me when I choose whom to date maybe I over analyze things but darn it it is like finding a needle in a haystack! Such a dreamer lol! The artist at heart is heard to pin down at times as they do have their own little world of thoughts and passions! People say I am stupid to not go for money but I never could but I don't want someone with nothing in life either at my age! A few times I found myself connecting sexxuallly but the rest is not there or u like the person then the seexx is not there ugh lol someone said u can teach them I was like yeah right u either have it or u don't! I do have to stay in my area and that does kill me or maybe a good excuse? I do love to be single but I do miss the passion and feel of a man! Peace, have a fun week! Corrina Cay (yes my real first and middle name ;-)