Aug 27, 2007


I think when your close to forty you either have a midlife crises or find peace and contentment! I have had kids and made the choices I made that brought me to where I am now in my life..some good some bad but all cherished for what it is! I believe everything happens for a reason! I did not always make the right choices but if it was not for some of them choices I would not have my wonderful sons! I value my kids more than any job lifestyle or thing this earth could ever give me!
But they do grow older and away and leave you to find other things to make yourself happy! I guess they do keep you in shape and active! With school back in though I get band, basketball and any other activity they may have to keep busy...Not enough hours in the day sometimes! I am off now to cook...We eat at 700 not the old days 530 stuff here lol the modern family lol 08/27/07