Oct 17, 2007

Too busy to date!

It is sorta sad but maybe a good thing that I stay too busy to date these days! I had to work tues and before it had to go by the doctors then after work go pay car ins then pick up my 7 yr old then get home to have mt 13 yr old call to come get him (needed ride to game) So I got him run thru Checkers then go by home then take him to the game (plays in the band..they won big time yea) then go to McDonalds with my 7 yr old (they was so slow and giving others their food first ...had to bittch lol then split the soda then ate then went to cub scouts then after picked up mu 13 yr old son then back to my home then after they bathed ect had to take the 13 yr old back home!! Good thing all 3 of my exs and sons dads live within like 5 miles now!
Tonight I have to go out but figured I have not been on (getting used to my new 2nd job or could say I have 3 jobs lol shoot life is nothing but a 24 hr job when you have kids! I only could sleep like 3 hours last night because of my doctor pissed me off (more on that later but the health department really sucks now they have changed the past few yrs) I work hard with no help from anyone and no medical so I go there but they treat you like worse than if you did get government help I think) But the one I go to has a new doctor and she is so freaking rude!
I bitchhh alot as its not easy being a single mother but Id have it no other way...well sorta lol ;-)