Sep 25, 2007

Fools Rush Love!

Why do some people meet and then spend every night together from that moment on! I always heard the correct way to date was take it slow to get to know someone (though now at my age I know that it may not matter because guys act perfect for the first couple months or even half a year or so until you live with them and their true colors come out) But I see so many people that do rush it and I wonder if some people are different on how they go into a relationship or they are just stupid lol (pardon the harshness) Or I just never met someone I loved that much...I did love one guy I met from the first site of our eyes meeting but it was a bad time for both us ect long story short but to this day I do miss that feeling! I have been so busy lately it is crazy! I guess one day I will have more time to date or I just need to make it happen somehow or maybe I am just not ready...But it has been a long time and sometimes I worry as some tell me I will be single forever lol but those who know me know I will never settle again! I stay so busy with my sons even if it is less now that they are mostly grown...I tend to let it take over my life! One day One day lol