Nov 5, 2013

Raising sons being single!

Raising sons alone can be hard but I would never trade one second of it! I had my sons birthday Oct. 2nd and he is 7 (my youngest) But it was a night when he also had cub scouts (his dad put off the sports sign ups again (I have to keep on him about everything that is his only child support (daycare and extras) But we share him also bi-weekly swapping one day! So I had cub scouts for him and then my 13 yr old son calls (long story with dad but moved back here and here almost every night for the past couple months) I guess his ex-step mom lawyer used to do the band drives ect because he wanted me to take him to and watch the middle school football game like the last time but I had to drop him off and hope the rain did not cancel him out to go to the cub scouts then when I went to get him I thought I may be late ready to leave the cub scout meeting early lol but I got to the middle school at 825 and the extras of the game was still going on and my son wanted to wait around so I left there at 9 then he wanted to stop by home first then had to take him to his dads then when me and my 7yr old get home my 17 yr old was here! Thats what keeps me here they all live within like 5 miles of me even my 20 yr old whom I dont see so much these days! He moved out when he was 19! Omgosh what a night trying to squeeze a birthday party in between lol meanwhile my landlord was on my buttt to get the rent paid in full on the 2nd for this month so had to worry of that also! My 17 yr old was going to play basket ball also but did not he is very tall 6'6" at 17 and my 13 yr old wanted to play basket ball but dad would not let him then moving this summer he did not get in time so stayed on the band he says next year he cant be on the band (afraid of being stigmatized but also he really wants to play foot ball (he does have the build) an inch taller than I am at 13! I am 5'7" You do the math lol The past couple years my 13 and 17 yr old was either off at school or lived further so It was really hard for me not seeing them a lot! But I do try real hard but with that and working 2 jobs it is so hard sometimes but I have always said I would and have always answered that question if you put a man or kids first (I hate them kinda questions lol ;-)) But I always have and will put my kids first even when at times they may not deserve it :-) I do have 4 boys 20-7 but I never could find the right man I had a live in relationship for 2 yrs each for 2 of my kids dads and around 7 for the other sons dad (off and on a little with it) So I have been single the majority of my adult life But all that matters to me are my kids and loving life not material things!